Borehole and Well Rehabilitation

Borehole and well rehabilitation involves restoring and reclaiming a well or borehole which is either no longer in use or has a poor flow rate or performance back to its original condition and in some cases improving its performance and its original output.

Rehabilitating a well or borehole is often the most cost effective alternative to re-drilling a new borehole at a different location and this can be done for a variety of reasons including:

  • reduced water flow, therefore insufficient water.
  • groundwater pollution
  • deterioration in water quality resulting in cloudy, discoloured or dirty water.
  • limescale deposits
  • iron build up on pumps
  • drop in the water table level resulting in reduced output or a dry well.
  • borehole collapse due to poor construction.
  • cross contamination and lack of cleanliness around the well

Well rehabilitation is typically done by using one or more of the following methods

  • Scrubbing – Deep cleaning of any encrusted deposits from the steel liner.
  • Chemical cleaning to dissolve any build-up of materials from the well
  • Pressure jetting to remove or dislodge any obstructions blocking the well.
  • Drilling deeper

If your borehole whether it be domestic or commercial is suffering from poor water quality or quantity then rehabilitation works could be the solution to restore your well and increase its performance and life expectancy.

Please contact us for free advice. WSWDS experienced team will identify what could be the cause of the problem and offer the most economical solution to bring your borehole back to its optimum condition.