Borehole Pump Replacement

Generally a borehole will run for many years providing the amount of water required, but just like other systems we have installed in our homes and businesses that we rely on, they require regular maintenance and servicing.
The most common problem that can arise is that the borehole pump ceases to operate and as a result you will notice a decreased performance that will cause a combination of the following issues:

  • water flow reduction
  • borehole not producing the same water volume
  • tanks not filling fast enough
  • booster sets not operating correctly

This can be caused by many different factors from lack of maintenance causing the pump to become blocked and seize, riser pipe failure, borehole design or simply that the borehole water pump has ceased to operate due to age.

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services carry out a full assessment of each individual borehole and associated equipment. We offer free advice and provide the best solution for you.

Our engineers are trained and experienced in borehole pump replacement and will lift the pump and repair or replace with a new one enabling your borehole to be fully operational again.