Borehole Prognosis Survey

Borehole Prognosis Survey

The viability of a borehole private water supply depends on many geological, hydrogeological factors.

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services have been in the business of drilling wells for many years now and have developed a wide understanding and knowledge of the underlying geology and aquifers in many regions throughout the UK.

What is it?

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services for a small charge will commission a report from The British Geological Survey (BGS) for the site based on geological and hydrogeolical maps and information available from their borehole database.

Why is it beneficial?

The report will establish the full geological and hydrogeological conditions, including the yield that can be achieved from your borehole.

Using our experience and to save you time and money we can analyse the report findings and assess the viability of the project

This information is vital for you and for us as it is a good indicator of the underlying geology we will encounter and the performance you can expect from your water well.

See a sample prognosis report.

To talk to us about your borehole project and asses viability please get in touch.