CCTV Inspection and Reports

Borehole CCTV Survey

The condition of any borehole is paramount to its ongoing performance. An existing borehole should be reviewed periodically to highlight any potential faults before they develop into major problems that may risk disruptions in supply.
If a borehole develops a problem, for instance a reduction in performance, then this needs to be investigated, and the most effective way of performing all the necessary checks to identify the cause is by carrying out a visual inspection using CCTV.

Camera is lowered into borehole.

How does it work?

CCTV Inspection of Borehole.

WSWDS offers a complete video surveying service for boreholes using a mobile service unit. The CCTV survey takes a look down the hole of a new or existing borehole to depths exceeding 300m, providing visual images and evidence of borehole construction, condition and geology.
The information gathered provides the engineer with extremely useful data that can be used to identify problems and plan out the solution.
A full colour DVD of the survey is compiled giving a permanent record of the condition of the borehole and a basis for further consideration of requirements.

What information can be gained from a Borehole CCTV survey?

Existing Boreholes

  • Locates and identifies causes of obstructions.
  • Determines the condition of casings and grout seals.
  • Identification of corrosion and bio-fouling.
  • Evaluation of cement grouts.
  • Location of voiding behind linings.
  • Measurement of water quality.
  • Locates running sand.
  • Determine the condition of well screens.
  • Identify corrosion, bio-fouling or other screen blockages.
  • Locate voiding behind linings or areas of sand ingress.
  • Identify potential borehole collapse.
  • Investigate groundwater quality, mineral conditions and geological strata.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection – to establish well conditions at transfer of ownership.

New Borehole Drilling

  • Verifies correct type, size and position of casings and screens.
  • Checks the integrity of casings, grout seals and borehole stability.
  • Provides benchmark data for monitoring changes.
  • Locates lost tools or pumps and assists in retrieval.

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