Site Investigation

Site Investigation

The objective of site investigation is to gather information to determine the properties of the soil or rock formation and interpret how it will impact on a proposed development.

Samples of the soil are taken at varied depths using several different types of site investigation tools and machinery. The investigation may also include the sampling of water and gases that may be present in the ground.

Carrying out the appropriate site investigation can in most circumstances provide project cost savings by enabling the contractors to foresee and be forewarned of any problems they may encounter.

The information gathered will establish the potential geological, geotechnical and environmental risks involved to the development and enable a risk assessment to be carried out. With this insight, informed decisions can be made about remediation and the project can progress and budgets managed.

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services have a specialist and experienced team who can advise on the most suitable method for each individual project. Please contact us to discuss your project.