Domestic Water Wells

Experiencing Poor Water Supply?

Water is a vital and precious commodity that we all take for granted, that is until we encounter a problem like a poor water supply. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Low water pressure?
  • Poor, intermittent water supply?
  • Poor water quality?
  • No water supply?

Steady and Reliable Water Supply from a Water Well (Water Borehole is the same thing.)

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services understand that you need a steady, reliable and safe water supply for your home. We have helped many of our customers to overcome their water supply problems from poor supplies with little water pressure or flow to installing a new supply for new build or renovation projects as an alternative to paying the high cost of the local water authority to provide a new supply.

Benefits of a Water Well for Your Home Include:

  • Your own independent water supply
  • Cost savings. The water you use will be free. No licensing requirements for borehole extractions under 20,0000 litres per day.
  • Constant water pressure and constant water quality.
  • All year round – an uninterrupted water supply to your home.

A Water Supply Solution for Your Home

If you have water supply problems or need a new supply Waterseekers Well Drilling Services provide a complete turnkey solution. We provide a system tailor made to each individual requirements.

Our services:

  • Detailed borehole prognosis report.
  • Borehole drilling and ground-works.
  • Pump installation and plant room connection.
  • Full potable water analysis test.
  • Water treatment and filtration.

Please contact us for advice and guidance and a no-obligation quotation.