Water Treatment Services

It is vital that the water produced from your borehole is safe and fit for purpose

Waterseekers will carry out a water analysis test on the water produced from the well.

  • All tests conducted in a UKAS, ISO17025 and DWI Certified Laboratory
  • Fast ten working day turn-around
  • Free water treatment option planning

The type and extent of filtration required will depend on the usage of the water. If you intend to drink the water, then some degree of filtration will be necessary. The type of filtration you may need will depend on the results of your water analysis.

Waterseekers can offer the following filtration solutions:

  • Removal of solid particles
  • Remove metals especially iron. (dependant on results)
  • Water Softening (if required)
  • Removal of harmful chemicals (if present)
  • Destroy pathogens (if present)

Our experts will ensure that your water meets the required drinking water standards and is of a suitable quality for your specific use.

Talk to us for a solution to your water treatment requirement.