Abstraction Licenses for Water

Water Well Abstraction Limit

Any home owner can extract up to 20,000 litres (20m³) of water per day without any license. A modest size household uses approximately 1200 litres per day.

More Than Enough Water for Your Home and Garden

Where does the water come from – all this 20,000 litres? Here’s a typical well head, before it gets covered up.

For the average household, this is more than enough water to look after your needs. If you think you might use more than this daily limit of 20 cubic metres (Approx 4,400 Gallons), then you will need to apply for an Abstraction License.

Water Irrigation, Farm Or Industrial Applications

If you do require more than 20,000 litres per day you will require an Abstraction Licence from the Environment Agency. Here at Waterseekers, we have this covered for you and know our way around the paperwork required to get everything into place. However, if you would like to access official documentation regarding Water Abstraction Licensing, then please follow the link.

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