The MudSlayer M350 – Innovative Water Recycling in Borehole Drilling Water Wells

In the End –  It’s the Customer First

As you may know, we offer a turn-key solution which gives larger organisations confidence that we can get the job done well, look after all the detail, and complete in a timely fashion.

We are continually looking at areas of our business where we can make improvements to improve performance. Improvements in performance mean added value for the customer and if we’re clever enough – making our job a tad easier too.

And in today’s blog, it’s about an innovation in operations which saves us a lot of elbow grease and allows us to go in and do a job and then leave with minimum fuss, and nobody would ever know we were there!! — well not quite, but you’ll see what I mean in a mo.

Enter The Mudslayer 350

Anybody who has ever drilled a borehole for a water well or for geothermal heating, will know that the site can easily get waterlogged and it’s a real grind to clean it all up. We have recently purchased a Mudslayer M350, a machine that has put an end to all o’ that! Shovels, foot valves, mud pans are all things of the past.

How Does It Work Then?

What you do is – using an auger, bore a 18″ hole of about 2ft in depth around where you’ll sink your rods. Drop your Mud Slayer pick-up pump into the side of it, and off you go. The pump sucks up all the water, mud and cuttings and takes it to the Mud Slayer machine itself, where the main work is done. Cuttings are separated out and the non-destructive mud ( this just means all the large cuttings, stones, bits etc) and water is recirculated, recycled back into the drilling operation.

The Mud Slayer 350 holds – yes, you’ve guessed it, 350 gallons of water, which is all you need for medium to large drilling operations. This means that we often don’t need to rely on outside water sources, which again can be a problem. Any waste created is dumped in containers and disposed of off site.

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