Hampshire – Water Borehole Drilling and Groundwater Maps

Groundwater Map – Hampshire

As an installer of ground source heating and water boreholes, we find it interesting to look at water tables throughout the UK. This week we look at groundwater in Hampshire, UK.

What are Groundwater Source Protection Zones?

Groundwater provides a third of our drinking water in England and Wales, and it also maintains the flow in many of our rivers. In some areas of Southern England, like Hampshire, groundwater supplies up to 80% of the drinking water that you get through your taps. It is crucial that we look after these sources and ensure that your water is completely safe to drink.
The UK Environment Agency has defined Source Protection Zones (SPZs) for 2000 groundwater sources such as wells, boreholes and springs used for public drinking water supply. These zones show the risk of contamination from any activities that might cause pollution in the area. The closer the activity, the greater the risk. The maps show three main zones (inner, outer and total catchment) and a fourth zone of special interest, which we occasionally apply, to a groundwater source.

The agency uses zones in conjunction with our Groundwater Protection Policy to set up pollution prevention measures in areas which are at a higher risk, and to monitor the activities of potential polluters nearby.

You can read more and search for maps of your own area here.

Installing Water Wells (Water Boreholes) in Hampshire

The geology in Hampshire serves itself well to the drilling of water boreholes ( water wells).

We offer a turn-key solution that covers not just the technical aspects such as borehole prognosis, but also every requirement typical of any large commercial water borehole project:

  • Insurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Project Management

If you would like to talk to us about your project, we are happy to give no obligation advice. Visit our website, use the contact form, or call us on 01246 938499

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