Summary of Waterwell Drilling Projects for 2014 – 2015

Water Borehole (Waterwells) Projects Undertaken – 2014-5

We have had a very busy summer completing some large scale projects:

Darrington Quarry

75m x 450mm Diameter Borehole drilled with air and foam through the lower Magnesium formation. Borehole test pumped at 60m3 per hr. water is to be used for the aggregate washing plant.
Belmont Laundry in Essex

Borehole commenced at 406mm diameter to 96m through the London basin and 5m into the top of the chalk, 273mm casing installed into the top of the chalk at 96m and back grouted. Borehole progressed through the Chalk to a final depth of 160m. Pump tested at 15m3 per hr. Water to be used for the Laundry.
Aeroserve Laundry in Slough

Borehole commenced at 406mm to 30m and 5m into the top of the chalk 273mm casing installed to 30m and back grouted. Borehole progressed to 100m through the Chalk. Pump tested at 10m3 per hr. Water to be used for the Laundry.
Raymond Brown Aggregates Shootash Quarry

Borehole commenced at 355mm through the London basin to 114m and 5m into the upper chalk formation, a 219mm casing is installed into the chalk and back grouted. Borehole commenced though the chalk to 150m. Borehole pump tested at 10m3 per hour, water to be used for the aggregate wash plant

Water Borehole (Waterwells) Projects Lined up for Last Quarter 2015

In the last few months of 2015 Waterseekers have the following projects:-

  • October-Leisure facility in the South of England.
  • October Fishery in Yorkshire
  • October Equestrian in the Midlands
  • October/November Educational building in Sheffield
  • November Recycling plant in the Midlands
  • November Religious building in West Yorkshire
  • Barn Conversion in South Yorkshire
  • November/December Religious building in Midlands
  • December Geothermal Installation in Nottinghamshire
  • December Micro Brewery in Nottinghamshire

Plans for 2016

2016 gets of to a good start with projects already in place for the first quarter.

Post on 20 October 2015