Map Upgrade – Waterseekers UK Borehole Map

We have recently launched an upgrade to the water borehole map. It has been featured on the home page of the site for two years now, but since we keep getting positive feedback from customers and people browsing the site, we decided to give the map more features and more visibility.

map-boreholes-uk-faqYou can now get a full page view of the map at

There are three categories on the map: Waterwells, Ground Source Heating, and Other. We are thinking of adding more categories soon, for such applications as sacrificial anodes for example.

Please let us know what you think.


A Turn-Key Solution

We offer a turn-key solution which provides a complete package for the client. We are geared to undertake large scale projects. All aspects of a project, from insurance, health & safety, plant availability and listening to the client – are all part of our successful project management approach.

Our Turn-Key solution provides a ready interface to Energy Procurement/ Energy Management Consultants and Companies.

Clean-Reliable-Free-Water-With-A-Water-Well-FotoliWaterseekers Water Well Drilling Ltd

If you would like to know more about the feasibility and benefits of a water borehole, please use the contact form, or call us direct on 01246 938499

Jenny Hormell
Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd.

Post on 19 February 2019