UK Map of Over 100,000 Water Wells

British Geological Survey

Over at the British Geological Survey website I have discovered they have been very busy putting a wealth of information online for the likes of you and me to dig into. Of course, here at Waterseekers Water well Drilling, we’re very interested in Water Wells; in fact we’re interested in any type of borehole drilled here in the UK. Curently we’re doing a few projects in Berkshire and Hampshire and there was a need to get more information for the clients, and this is how I came across the aforementioned public service.

The Geoindex

OK. I’ll be honest, I had to send an email to the BGS website support team, cos if your not that savvy with computers like me, then you might also get lost in the jungle – which is why I’m going to show you how to quickly access the information. So, to view a map of all installed water wells (I say all, but I don’t know for sure how accurate it is. Certainly, there are over 100,000 wells registered.), do as follows:

  • Go to the Geoindex page.
  • Click on the link that says Open the onshore Geoindex
  • This should take you to
  • In this new window, Click Add Data.
  • This should display a list of Categories in a small window to display on the map.
  • Under Boreholes, click the plus sign by Waterwells.
  • Bob is Your Uncle! See below for sample map of waterwells in Berkshire, but it could just as easily be water wells in your area, be it Yorkshire, Hampshire or Essex.
Water Wells or Water Boreholes

And of course you can choose to display other info too, like Borehole Scans or Waterwell Levels.


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