Water Boreholes – Enlightening Quotes

This page is an ongoing growing collection of Enlightening Quotes to promote equally enlightening methods of supplying free, reliable, clean water to your business or home.

“Those who are not aware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” ~ Bruce Lee
“Those who do not question the quality, reliability, and cost of their water supply, will never know the advantages of having their own water well.” ~ Lee Hormell, Waterseekers

“To have power one must be able to stop the source of that power.” ~ Karl Popper, German Philosopher
“To have an unlimited supply of water for your home or business, one must have the ability to control the flow of that water.” ~ Lee Hormell, Waterseekers

Waterseekers Drilling Services (UK) Ltd

Waterseekers deliver a complete and comprehensive turnkey service for commercial and domestic projects, covering all aspects of water borehole installation and ground source heating system installation.

Our services include:

  • Water boreholes
  • Borehole Prognosis Reports
  • Maintenance
  • Borehole pumps replacement
  • Ground Source and Water Heating Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Spring water solutions & Irrigation

Our experience and knowledge of drilling and underlying geology and hydrogeology of most regions throughout the UK gives us the edge, and the ability to provide a professional and reliable service.

Please get in touch for more information.

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