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Poor Crop Yields

Farmers Report on the Extent of the Problem

Farmers are facing serious crop yield losses this harvest as the prolonged dry spell is piling pressure on crops, especially on light land. Following a dry spring, a lack of rainfall in June could severely hit crop yields. If the dry summer continues, crops losses of 5-10% are widely predicted – with some farmers fearing much bigger losses.

Taken from Farmer’s Weekly 28 June 2018.

Indeed, as  I write we are moving into September 2018, and sadly we can say that the situation has far from improved. It’s not uncommon to hear  farmers now reporting of a 100% crop loss:

“It probably cost €50,000 to put this crop in the ground,” he says. “There should be €90,000 to €100,000 worth of broccoli here. And we probably won’t see any of it.”

Water Borehole Applications

It’s worth taking a step back a moment to remind ourselves what applications a borehole has. Some may think that we just install water wells in private domestic settings, but I would like to make it clear that we help out farmers too! Some farmers are about to experience tough times as crop yields plummet in some areas.

If I am to quickly reel off some of our recent contracts, we can see that water boreholes have application across multiple sectors, including agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, and domestic:

  • Farm irrigation systems
  • Sheffield United Football Pitch – irrigation
  • Poultry Farm – washing
  • Brewery – commercial
  • Launderette chain
  • Garden Centres
  • Chocolate factory
  • Student Accommodation
  • National Trust – supply and irrigation to give life again to fresh water lake.

A Turn-Key Solution

We offer a turn-key solution which provides a complete package for the client. We are geared to undertake large scale projects. All aspects of a project, from insurance, health & safety, plant availability and listening to the client – are all part of our successful project management approach.

Our Turn-Key solution provides a ready interface to Energy Procurement/ Energy Management Consultants and Companies.

Clean-Reliable-Free-Water-With-A-Water-Well-FotoliWaterseekers Water Well Drilling Ltd

If you would like to know more about the feasibility and benefits of a water borehole, please use the contact form, or call us direct on 01246 938499

Jenny Hormell
Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd.

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